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Red Onion-Rosemary Pizza with Chickpeas and Spinach

It’s odd how certain things that sound so bizarre together somehow work in perfect harmony. Like when Glee mashed together “Singin’ In The Rain” and “Umbrella”. Or dipping Wendy’s french fries into a Frosty. Or the toppings on this pizza. … Continue reading

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Homemade Pizza

Well, it’s been quite a hiatus.  Chaos has reined in my household for the past month, and hopefully things are starting to calm down.  I’d love to say I’ll get back to consistent, frequent blogging right away, but I’m not … Continue reading

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Spinach Artichoke Chicken Pizza

  I love pizza.  I always have.  But here’s the thing:  I don’t like sauce on my pizza.  Nowadays, that’s no big deal, since there are so many “gourmet” varieties of white pizza out there.  As a kid, it was … Continue reading

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Cheater’s Homemade Pizza

Though I’d love to make my own pizza dough every time I have a hankering for pizza, that doesn’t always cut it in the “quick weeknight meal” category. Especially if I end up making Andrew put the pizzas together! Plus, … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Venuto’s Old World Pizza

When Andrew, my mom, and I were looking for a quick lunch on our way to the Philadelphia Airport, we found just what we were looking for in Venuto’s. After a fantastic weekend in Atlantic City, Mom and I had … Continue reading

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