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Applesauce Spice Cake

You know, in my last post, I said that I wanted to mix it up, give you something a little different than all the sweet stuff. But then I made this Applesauce Spice Cake and it’s just too good not … Continue reading

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HamJam 2010

Great times were had by all at HamJam 2010, a fantastic party thrown by the amazing parents of my friend Kris. He and his wife Rachael invited Andrew and I up for the combo pig roast / jam sesh in … Continue reading

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Andrew and I took an amazing trip to Chicago last weekend to visit our friend Dan.  We spent the weekend with Dan, his super nice roommate Phil, and Phil’s awesome girlfriend Jess, and were sometimes joined by Dan and Phil’s … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Aha Sushi

During our trip to Chicago, I had the opportunity to meet up with some friends of mine, Rachael and Kris, who just had a baby in December.  It was so fun to hang out with them, meet the baby, and … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Grace

 Andrew and I went to Portland, Maine almost two months ago, and we stayed with our friends Greg and Emilia.  We had a great time hanging out with them, exploring the city, and of course, eating at some fantastic places.  … Continue reading

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Spooky Spiders

Spooky Spiders are a Halloween treat that harkens back to my childhood.  My mom always made them in the week or so leading up to Halloween, and my friends (especially Kristi!) would vie to sneak them off the tray before … Continue reading

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One Hundred Posts!

What better way to celebrate my one hundredth post than with a FAIR? Now, anyone who knows me knows that I love a great fair, carnival, festival, or any event that involves rides, games, animals, and most importantly, food! Andrew … Continue reading

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Celebrity Sighting

I understand this has absolutely NOTHING to do with food, but I wanted to share my excitement. Kristi’s boyfriend Robbie ran into Neil Patrick Harris on the street in NYC a couple weeks ago. I adore NPH, so I was … Continue reading

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Two Fun Things to Read

I came across two great reads today – an article on Gourmet magazine’s website, and my friend Jenn’s new food blog! The Gourmet article is all about dispelling myths regarding foods traditionally viewed by Americans as taboo during pregnancy. It’s … Continue reading

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