New Year, New Tools

If you’ve been sticking around and reading my posts for any length of time, you know that I’m not really into New Year’s resolutions. I like to set smaller goals for myself – mostly because I have a better chance of being able to track my progress and achieve them, and there are few things I like more than putting a checkmark on my To Do list.

I made quite a few checkmarks in 2011, but unfortunately, “blog more” wasn’t one of them. Between selling our house (check!), moving to Maine (check!), starting a book club (check!), enrolling in a yoga teacher training program (check!), making new friends (check!), and learning to deal with cooking in my tiny galley kitchen (semi-check), the blog has gotten away from me. Since I use it as my own personal recipe book, it’s something I’ll probably always do, but sometimes living life gets in the way of writing the blog, you know?

Of course I want to blog more in 2012. I love to cook and I love to share my food. Recently Andrew and I have acquired a few things that should make blogging easier for me:

That’s right, a new computer

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2 Responses to New Year, New Tools

  1. Hey,

    Is that a Macbook? Welcome to the damn family! When did you get this? What size?!

    Ashley got me a camera for Christmas, but I have yet to use it. Having the laptop just makes everything easier.

    Love ya.


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