A great find

Since moving to Maine, I’ve had to revamp my grocery-buying habits. So far, my favorite haunt is Trader Joe’s. I know I’m late to the party on the TJ love, but the store near my old house was SO expensive. Now that I’ve moved to a higher cost of living area, I’m noticing that Joe’s is cheaper than the grocery store on a lot of items, and usually their food is better quality.

Anyway, I found something awesome there recently and just wanted to share.

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Cake Mix!

I love this cake mix! As mixes go, it’s a great option – it bakes up super moist, and as they brag on the box, will really fill your pan. I used the cake to make cakeballs, but it would be a great choice for any occasion.

Do you shop at Trader Joe’s? Tell me about your favorite products in the comments!

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One Response to A great find

  1. kristi says:

    I used to wrok at Trader Joe’s, and it’s a wonder to me I didn’t blow up like the Goodyear bllimp while working there, because there were very few things I tried and didn’t like. Favorites include: – Trader Ming’s Noodle Boxes, in Spicy Kung Pao and Peanut Satay Flavor. YUM. Amazing to heat and eat right out of the box, but edging up toward a gagillion calories, the smart thing to do would be to add stir-fried tofu and veggies and make it a meal for 2.
    – All the dried fruit and nuts!! Seriously awesome selection of dried fruit in every variety….I particularly love the dried pineapple, and the Chili-Lime mango. And of course, raw cashews are my favorite nut. AND the best part, THE PRICE!!! I dare you to find better prices on dried fruit and nuts.

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