Clementine Sorbet

Yes, I am aware that it is cold outside in a lot of the US. Yes, I know the Northeast is seeing snow the likes of which no one alive can remember. Yes, I start my car and let it run for twenty minutes before I go anywhere.

And yet. Clementine sorbet. I had a bowlful of clementines that I had used for a centerpiece on our coffee table during the holidays:

Pretty, right?

Anyway, when my sister-in-law Leah gave me a bag of over-ripe mandarin oranges, I knew I had to come up with a way to use all this citrus, and quickly. I ended up using a half box of clementines and a bag of oranges.

I have this thing about juicing citrus fruits. It’s fun. And I like to make little piles of all the empty “shells”.

These were super ripe and therefore extremely juicy – my counters were sticky, I was sticky, everything was covered in orange juice and pulp and mess. Luckily, Andrew knows his way around a wet wipe and for some reason, is willing to clean up after me. Such a sweetheart, that one.

You can find this and other sorbet recipes under my “ice cream” tag. I’m sure I should have called it “frozen desserts” or something equally PC, but I didn’t. So deal with it.

Shall I give you the super simple recipe?

Clementine Sorbet

1-2/3 c. sugar
1-2/3 c. water
4 c. clementine juice – approx. 25 clementines or oranges

Combine sugar and water in a small pan over medium high heat. Zest one of the clementines into the mixture. Stir until sugar is dissolved while bringing to a boil. Turn heat down and allow to simmer at least ten minutes, or until syrup has thickened.

P.S. This is a good time to juice those clementines!

Put the clementine juice and orange simple syrup into containers and chill overnight.

After they are fully chilled, combine the two and stir well. Churn according to directions on your ice cream maker – I’d recommend 10-15 minutes if you have a standard KA mixer with ice cream attachment. Serve immediately or portion into small containers and store in the freezer.

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