I Met Giada! and other news

The Cleveland Food Show was last weekend, and not only was I lucky enough to attend and see Giada DeLaurentiis’ food demonstration, I also got to meet her! My mother-in-law Ann scored us a pair of VIP tickets, so we got to sit in the front row for the demo, then attend a special reception afterward. We got VIP swag bags full of free goodies from the various sponsors of the food show, a copy of Giada’s newest book, Giada at Home, and a meeting with Giada herself!

It was a really fun experience and I was so thankful that Ann  treated me to such an awesome event! I had never met a celeb before, so it was very cool that my first meeting was with my second-favorite TV chef. (Sorry Giada, but Mary Ann Esposito holds a very special place in my heart – Nonnie and I used to watch her together when I was a little girl.)

Of course, after having said that I’ve never met a celebrity, I actually saw another one that same weekend! Peyton Hillis is a rather cute running back who plays for the Cleveland Browns. I was out to dinner at Fleming’s with my in-laws and we happened to run into him there. I have to tell you, I thought I might be sick when I realized he is a year younger than me! I’m getting old.

My last piece of news is actually the one that is most important to the everyday function of this blog. I know a picture is worth a thousand words, so let me share the news in that way.

You can tell that Andrew is thrilled too, right?

In case you can’t tell, our camera took some heavy damage on Andrew’s recent fishing trip. The lens is completely ruined and the camera is going to require some major repairs. Thank goodness we have it insured, but in the meantime, I am out of luck when it comes to taking photos for the blog! I do have a decent stockpile of pictures and recipes to share, so I will be breaking those out and probably also sharing some terribly shot cell phone pictures with you in the interim.

Hope you are having a great weekend! Stop back on Tuesday and I will link you to some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes!

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