Red Velvet Eyeballs

“Eye” am wishing you a Happy Halloween a couple days early! Man, I’m corny.

If you need a fun project for tomorrow that will result in something delicious, I’ve got just the ticket. Red Velvet Eyeballs are little cake truffles dipped in chocolate, then decorated with candy.

This would be a great recipe to try with kids as there are plenty of fun and easy steps. You probably know I’m not a huge fan of using shortcuts, but there are times when boxed cake mix just makes sense. This is one of them. Of course, you can make a from-scratch cake and homemade frosting, but really, what would be the point? You’d spend so much more time and money on a project that is already rather labor intensive, and your efforts wouldn’t really pay off, since the cake is only one small part of what makes these so fantastic. Just my two cents!

I love making cakeballs and am actually a bit infamous at work for them. I’ve made them for various occasions, but never gotten around to sharing them with you. Well it’s about time! These cakeballs are very rich and you’ll find that most people will just want one or two. Unless you work with the guys in my office, in which case they’ll probably want ten. But I think they’re an unusual exception to the rule!


Red Velvet Eyeballs

For the Cake Balls

one boxed red velvet cake mix                                                                                             ingredients called for on box                                                                                                         one tub of frosting (I used cream cheese)

For Dipping/Decorating

one bag of white candy melts                                                                                                         one bag of lifesavers                                                                                                                   chocolate chips

To make the cake balls: Make the cake according to the package directions. I recommend baking the cake ahead of time, then leaving it out overnight to get a little dry before you start.

Crumble the cake into a large bowl. I like to do this with my hands and you probably will too! Stir in the frosting until well combined.

Cover cookie sheets with wax paper. Roll the cake mixture between your hands to form small balls – I try to keep them around an inch in diameter. Keep in mind, the smaller you make them, the more you’ll have to dip in chocolate later.

Place the cake balls close together on the cookie sheets. When finished, freeze the cake balls for at least an hour (this keeps them from falling apart when you’re rolling them in chocolate).

oops, a little freezer burn!


To dip the cake balls: In a microwave-safe bowl, zap the candy melts at half power in 30 second intervals until melted. Stir between each round to help them melt evenly.

When they are completely melted, use two forks to roll the cake balls in the chocolate. Set them back onto the wax covered cookie sheets to harden. I like to use a fork and my butter spreader – I use the spreader to remove excess chocolate and then move the cakeball from fork to wax paper.

To make them into eyeballs: When all cake balls are coated, dip LifeSavers into the remaining chocolate and affix the colorful “iris” to the top of each cake ball. Do the same with the chocolate chip “pupils”, putting the points into the hole of the LifeSaver.

These Red Velvet Eyeballs will be a great addition to your Halloween festivities. The time it takes to make them is worthwhile, as these are a sure-fire hit with everyone.

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2 Responses to Red Velvet Eyeballs

  1. Maggie says:

    Your cake balls are definitely a hit around the office! They (and YOU) are missed!

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