Happy Easter!

The weather has been absolutely beautiful for the past week, so I put off making my Easter dessert until the last minute.  I’m glad I did, because I ended up also making a birthday cake for Andrew’s Aunt Sammy. 

When I saw the recipe for Nigella’s Fairy Cakes on “Once Upon a Plate”, I knew I had to try them.  My one issue with the recipe was that Mari didn’t explain how to get the cupcakes flat and iced as perfectly as hers were.  I winged it and they came out okay.  Mari’s icing must have been much thicker than mine, because my cupcakes soaked up a lot of the liquid and were not as perfectly smooth as hers were.  The blue ones came out best, and they were all delicious, so no one really minded.

I added 3/4 cup cocoa powder to one batch of the Fairy Cake recipe and baked it in an 8″ cake pan.  Then, using an idea I saw on the back of the Easter M&M’s bag, I cut the cake in half and turned it into a butterfly.  I used Mari’s easy buttercream recipe, tinted it pink, and decorated with sprinkles and M&M’s.  I used candied citrus peel as antennae.  Sammy was really happy with her cake, and it tasted fantastic!

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  1. Alee says:

    Happy Easter!

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